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Gardner Equipment - The Dairy Barn Equipment Specialists

Over 1,300 Barn equipment parts & dairy related items are available for direct online purchase.

Buy your farm equipment & replacement parts directly from our site via credit card. With over 1,300 dairy barn items, we offer the largest direct purchase of Dairy Farm equipment and replacement parts on the internet.

Plan for your new or rennovated dairy barn project by looking through our "Barn Equipment" section, which includes dairy stalls; cow and bull pens; gates; bull, calf and cow panels; grates, as well as many other dairy barn and cow related items.


Gardner Equipment is a recognized leader and manufacturer of dairy barn equipment and replacement parts since 1918.

In addition to manufacturing the Gardner Equipment dairy barn equipment and parts lines, we also manufacture Bestway Cow Trainers and acquired the dairy stall and drinking cup lines from:

  • Jamesway
  • Starline
  • Olson
  • Universal
  • Humane

Our site is divided into two parts:

  • Replacement Parts Catalog section (to purchase here)
  • Barn Equipment section (for planning/getting a quote)
Replacement Parts & Equipment Catalog Information
New or Renovated Barn Equipment


We have 9 main dairy farm equipment and replacement part product categories. They are displayed on the blue menus found on the left side of this page.

The 1,300+dairy barn products linked through the blue menus can be purchased directly online via credit card from this site, with FREE SHIPPING on orders totaling over $50.

Replacement parts are available for Gardner, Humane, Jamesway, Universal, Olson and Starline.

To see our wide assortment of dairy farm products, put your mouse cursor over any name found on our blue product menus on the left.

When you see a downturned triangle, that means there is a pop-out menu attached. Your cursor will trigger the menu to pop-out and display the various sub-category product choices.

To see all of our Dairy Barn products under a main category, click on the “show all” button. We have a "show all" button for our main product categories. You may, of course, browse through all of our categories and subcategories, without using the "show all" button.

You may also use our site's search engine to search for a specific product. For more information on using our site's search engine, purchasing items, etc., please visit our Help Page.



The Barn Equipment section is entirely devoted to showing you the various dairy barn products and lines that Gardner Equipment has available for inclusion in your new or renovated dairy barn plans.

The items found in our Barn Equipment section cannot be purchased online. They require trucking (not via UPS) & quantity discounts apply. They are being displayed to give you further information, show you what is available, and to provide a starting point for your further discussions with our staff through the completion of a very brief questionnaire. You can also call us (toll-free) 800-393-0333 to get quotes on prices & shipping costs.

For more information on our Barn Equipments section, please visit its opening page.

You can also access that opening page directly by clicking on the orange Barn Equipment button found at the bottom of our menu on the left side of this page.

You will always be able to return to this page (our Home page) by clicking on Home found at both the top and bottom of each page.

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